Resident Evil 4 was an amazing title, but did you know that it originally started as what we now know as Devil May Cry? Check out more over on MojoPlays

Everyone should be free to believe in what they want, but sometimes what people believe in can be deadly. For this list, Todd Haberkorn will be looking at the fanatical organisations in gaming whose beliefs often extended into deeply disturbing territory. Needless to say, do not accept pamphlets from these people! Some of these games include: Dead Space, Far Cry and Resident Evil! Which of these cults were the craziest? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Did you know that Resident Evil 4 didn’t originally start with a cult as the antagonists? Find out more over on MojoPlays

  2. Just by reading the title of this video, I was thinking The Cabal from the game Blood better be in this list cuz heck I play lots of classic first person shooters and the cult from that game was so threatening, it made me believe that it is the most threatening and most terrifying cult in gaming history so whoever made the cult in that game did a good job making it very terrifying, threatening, and just downright disturbing

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