Top 10 Most Controversial Interviews
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These interviews waded into contentious waters and divided viewers. From Tom Cruise’s interview with Matt Lauer to Charlie Sheen’s “winning” antics, there have been many shocking interviews throughout the years. WatchMojo is counting down the interviews that caused the most controversy.

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#10: Tom Cruise & Matt Lauer
#9: Sarah Palin & Katie Couric
#8: Monica Lewinsky & Barbara Walters
#7: Charlie Sheen on ABC & NBC
#6: Joan Juliet Buck & Syrian First Lady Asma al-Assad
#5: Lance Armstrong & Oprah Winfrey
#4: Megyn Kelly & Alex Jones
#3, #2 & #1???

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  1. Kind of interesting now that Matt Lauer getting a taste of his own medicine in the sexual harassment scandal. The Republican lady who blew the whistle on Monica and Bill died of cancer after the Republican party shunned her. Sarah Palin, Lance Armstrong and Sean Penn disappeared from the spotlight. Very rare to see them these days. Bashir hardly heard much about in fact look like his status as a top interviewer disappeared.

  2. That Michael Jackson interview was pretty rough. Didn’t realize how bad it messed his image up

    Also tom cruise interview with matt lauer was so uncomfortable.

  3. It the greatest hits for celebs .Who crack up during the interviews ,And Sarah Palin in big time nut case  ,Like everybody else on the list ,Who wanted there spotlight  time .And cracked up  in the spotlight  .And sae on the list scumbags ,And but watching this top ten list .

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