Top 10 Controversial Territorial Disputes
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These areas are constantly changing hands. Whether it’s Western Sahara, Taiwan, or the Falkland Islands, these places are always being fought over. WatchMojo counts down the ten most controversial land disputes.

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#10. Western Sahara
#9. South China Sea
#8. Falkland Islands
#7. Cyprus
#6. Kashmir
#5. Taiwan
#4. Crimea
#3, #2, #1???

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  1. it’s not a war if the Palestinians can’t fight Israel and the US back. It’s not polarizing, it’s devastating and upsetting.

  2. Im sorry, my whole life i have argued argentinians to forget about “the Falkland islands” (las islas malvinas) but they didnt “invade” english territory, the british invaded and in response Argentina had to sent thousands young men to be slaugtherd.. And they were. Obviusly its territory that belongs to Argentina, but in the present it should just be considered a independent country of its own, but never english territory

  3. It’s West Philippine Sea here in PH, haha
    but the PH government is favoring China these days, possibly to milk China some infastructure projects.

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