Top 10 Most Amazing Facts That Will Shock You
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  1. Wild Animals are not pets! I hate that people think its ok, these animals are not house cats. Many people who keep these animals end up being killed because they killed the owners or innocent people. Then the poor animal is made out to be the horrible creature! Its just not just wild cats, a woman had a chimp as a pet, well chimp got ahold of the owners friend and maimed her These are not pets, people!!!

  2. I’v got a question what happen to the video of you guys begging for money about the law suit? also wheres the video about you guys getting the money? and the law suit? i mean i just wanna know because i gave you guys money for it and i wanna know if it went to the law suit or? but where is the video? i looked everywhere also did you guys take down the patriot? im sure theres others out there that are wondering too also when i look up the lawsuit nothing comes up about any lawsuit agent’s you guys

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