Uh… Hi YouTube. Don’t mind me. I was… practicing vocal exercises. Yeah, that’s it, exercises. Not summoning an ancient being from the depths of the ocean. Though, if I were, you wouldn’t mind, right? Everyone loves Cthulhu. In fact, since you’re here, why not stick around for these top ten incredible facts about The Great Dreamer himself, Cthulhu.
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10. Created by H. P. Lovecraft
9. One Big Cthulhu Family
8. Cthulhu in Pop Culture
7. Cthulhu Regio
6. Cthulhu in Nature
5. The City of R’lyeh
4. The Deep Ones
3. Lovecraft and the Cthulhu Mythos
2. The Cults of Cthulhu
1. Not Quite a God


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  1. You know my fair entity in the Cthulhu Mythos is nyarlathotep there’s a lot outer gods and the great old ones

  2. Those who downvoted this will be devoured with the last of humans so that they suffer most when he comes to destroy with chaos. ^_~*

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