Top 10 Scary Michael Myers Pranks That Will Haunt You
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Well things are about to get pretty scary around here. Halloween is around the corner and were going to be talking about the most scariest Halloween pranks inspired by the character Michael Myers.This is the top 10 scary Michael Myers pranks that will haunt you.

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  1. I LOVE Michael Myers! Would totally kill him if he showed up trying to scare me though! Fight or flight, I’d be fighting!!

  2. Is messed up but it is really funny to watch wait a minute what am I saying what if they do that to me!😲😲😲😵😵😵☠☠☠👻👻👻

  3. You guys should do Top 10 Michael Myers pranks gone wrong. Seriously though, if i see a Michael Myers at my work I would scream too and probably run out the fire exits 😭😭

  4. When I was four my dad put on the Michael Myers mask and he started knocking on the door and I was so scared.

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