Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive! Celtic tribes span many lands – primarily Wales, Ireland, and Scotland – and though the beliefs may have altered slightly from one region to the next, they all looked up to a group of supreme deities. We’ve taken the liberty of hand-picking the most notable of these beings, ten gods and goddesses of Celtic mythology.

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10. Aine
9. Medb
8. Babd Catha
7. Bran
6. Lugh
5. Arawn
4. Brigid
3. Danu
2. Morrigan
1. Dagda


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  1. love your channel always watch your videos but man your pronunciation is just painful ( im irish btw)

  2. Wait The Second…………. Is That Mercury From Messengers Of The God’s In Greek And Romans Mythology It’s So Sweetness Awesomeness. ??✨?

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