Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive! At the forefront of most mythologies told ‘round the world were influential deities responsible for the creation and, sometimes, destruction of all living things. For your viewing pleasure, we spent countless hours scouring through ancient texts and scrolls to put together this list.

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10. Tengri
9. Perun
8. Ra
7. Indra
6. Huitzilopochtli
5. Amun
4. Dagda
3. Jupiter
2. Zeus
1. Odin

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    • Athena for Greek and from my own Northern Europe culture Odin -who ties with Thor- or Wodan like the Fryssians called him. He is still honored in two ways till this very day with the day of wednesday and Sinterklaas (cape, beard, Sleipnir, staff, black ravens as messengers).

    • Top10Archive Also, Poseidon is my favorite. The ocean is an awesome power and he created horses, which is my favorite animal.

  1. Jupiter and Zeus is the same God. The differences is The Greeks call me Zeus and the Roman call me Jupiter. Any dumb ass know Jupiter And Zeus is the same God. Is the study Agent history of Greeks and Romans. Looks up don’t take a dumbass to know that.

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