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Top 10 Failed Coke Products
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Even one of the biggest companies in the world has made its fair share of mistakes. From OK Soda, to Vault, to Green Tea Coke, these fails will go down in history as some of the silliest (and least tasty) in Coca-Cola history. WatchMojo counts down the Top 10 Failed Coke Products.

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#10. OK Soda
#9. Vault
#8. Green Tea Coke
#7. Sprite Remix
#6. CocaCola C2
#5. Tab Clear
#4. Diet Coke Plus
#3, #2 & #1???

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  1. I really liked Vault! It used to be my favorite soda, but when it was discontinued, Mountain Dew became my favorite! I’m not a huge fan of Mellow Yellow. Yes, it does taste good, but the name “Mellow Yellow” sounds like a slang term for urine, and the drink looks like it too!

  2. I’m surprised Coke Life isn’t here. It was supposed to be like a halfway transition from normal Coke to Diet Coke. So it still retained most of the classic sugary taste but at a reduced calorie count. It really hasn’t been doing well. Heck, it might have been taken off the shelves. I haven’t checked.

  3. Vault was odd – Everybody in that era was Doin’ the Dew, and Coke made their own Dew. It wasn’t necessarily bad, but a superior product already existed.

  4. New Coke was not a failure.
    It’s goal was a success

    Coke has done the same thing again in away.
    They ditched Coke Zero for Coke No Sugar.

    People dont like No Sugar they want Zero

  5. Mellow Yellow was Coca Cola’s answer to Mountain Dew, not Vault. Vault tasted more like that recent Mountain Dew Ice.

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