Welcome to Top10Archive! We all own things that we regretted purchasing not long after, so it’s good to have someone over your shoulder telling you what and what not to buy. Then again, as you may come to find by the close of this Archive, that person may not always have the best judgment… Ignoring that last bit, let’s move onto this top 10 Amazon products we think you must have!

Disclaimer: Top 10 Archive is not responsible for you later realizing how incredibly useless these products really are…

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10. Tweets and Status Updates Book

9. Hutzler 571 Banana Slicer

8. Condiment Dispenser Gun

7. $1,000 Keyboard

6. FlameStower Charger

5. 8 ft (2.4 m) Gummy Python

4. Stuffed Blobfish Plush

3. Inflatable T-Rex Costume

2. 3SkySaver 260

1. Glowing Toilet Bowls

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  1. Uhg so many BHD Fanboys on this channel, Clearly they do not know how the Copyright system works. Top10Archive owns the rights to their Content (As with Anyone else that makes their Content). Now BHD Was offered by Top10Archive to do a Collab in exchange for a Indepth Shout out (Since the link in the Description really barely gives any viewers to Top10Archive Channel) However BHD decided to Delete the Videos on his Main Channel thus he would not have Top10Archive copyrighted Material on his Channel but awhile back, BHD Created a new Channel since he was facing Copyright Violations and Strikes for using others material (Since he would post him reacting to the full video of someone elses Content) SO he Created BHD2 in which he Reposted all the Content on that Channel in case if his original Channel was Shut Down.

    But He failed to see that he left Top10Archives Videos on his Second Channel (Although he deleted the videos on his Original Channel) So he is still making money off of those 2 – 3 videos of Top10Archives videos on his Second Channel (Even though he did not do a Indepth shout out on those videos like Top10Archive has Previously Requested in order to use their Content). Top10Archive wants Money because he had been making money off their Videos the entire time (He May of not even know the videos are still up on his second channel slowly making him money). If BHD does not want to get sued for Using Copyrighted Material he could simply put a Indepth Annotations on Top10Archives videos on his channel (Thus Giving Top10Archives the credit it deserves) or he could delete those two videos (Thus He wouldnt be making money off of their Content). It is not Rocket Science.

    • Hey you’re not supposed to have critical thinking skills.. You’re supposed to clap your hands and laugh and nod along with everything BHD said in his video. Did he not supply you with the proper football helmet and crayola set? (I heard he’s giving away the 64 pack now).

  2. Ugh, just getting sick of the pop culture aspect of your guys’ videos
    Seems it’s getting worse and worse every video

  3. Why is this shitty channel still fucking up. Your dumb ass goes around blackmailing other channels for money. You need to be shut down and give the money back you took, your materials shit anyway. World would be better off without you

    • *Face Palm* BHD still has Top10Archives videos up on his Second Channel, If he doesnt not want to be sued he can ether do what they Originally asked him to which was give an Indepth Shout Out (Which he never did) Or he can Delete the videos he has up of theirs therfor he would not be making Money off of their videos.

    • Copyright Defintion “the exclusive legal right, given to an originator or an assignee to print, publish, perform, film, or record literary, artistic, or musical material, and to authorize others to do the same” It is not Extortion because the Owner of the Copyright ofen is paid in order for others to use their Content. Try putting a Fox Network Copyrighted Material Such as Family Guy on Youtube, I guarantee it will be tooken down so fast. Unless you were willing to pay the Fox Network for their Copyrighted Material.

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