Top 10 Cursed Tik Toks
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Now out of my own personal choice I’ve never seen a Tik Tok video unless it comes on my feed in which case its forces itself into my life. I feel like its the musical version of vine in a way, there are some people that are actually good at it and others are just shocking. Lets leave it at that. I feel like Top 10 is the channel that’s good at making and finding the scary in anything so lets do it. These are the Top 10 Cursed Tik Toks.

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  1. Also the cranberries song in the background with the guy, yeah, that’s not a remix that’s a very wonderfully done omage to the original that was supposed to be sung with the woman from the cranberries band but she died before they could sing with her so they continued anyway and gave part of the money the received to her children

  2. Number one is circus baby from Fnaf, idk why but I got excited when I heard her voice ??

  3. Ayman you look absolutely beautiful!!! With or without glasses, you are absolutely stunning! Don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise! You do you girl!!!

  4. I’m literally following the first girl and her “dog” on tik Tok, it’s not that deep people it’s just a fun little joke she’s doing

  5. Omg the 2 vid is a joke haha i watched it on tik tok she is so funny ps she is a trans woman thats why her voice is so deep

  6. 8:37 that isnt church music (it probably could be i dunno) thats from the movie US in the beginning lol

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