Top 10 Scary Cursed Treasure
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Hearing about pirates growing up was always fun because i feel like the idea of a rebel at sea looking for treasure and having a pet parrot and a peg leg is just interesting. Lets be real. The only real pirate i knew about was Captain Hook and Captain Jack Sparrow but still. It counts. But with treasure, comes consequences. And those consequences are usually curses. Whether that treasure came from pirates, from emperors or from Nazis, its never just oh you find it and there’s your happily ever after. So lets talk about it. This is the top 10 Scary Cursed Treasure.

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  1. Veni vidi vici was writen by Julius Caesar in a letter after winning a quick battle. He’d had a great amount of training in oration and probably had a laugh at the flowing nature of the phrasing. Oh, that crazy general.

  2. Who ever dislikes a video is stupid for even watching the video were as I like the videos I watch but don’t take afense to this comment😅

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