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More Scary Lists 😱

The matrix are moments that have made a person question the reality of their entire existence. No big deal! Some of these stories come from reddit, some come from the news, some come from science. enjoy as we give you the Top 10 Scary Glitches In The Matrix That Will Make You Question Reality.

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  1. I had a dream that I could go thru walls and it was so real I tryed it at home…. (Hands only as I was scared in my dreams) when i put my hand to the wall i felt energy right down just below my belly button and it was flashing up to my arm….I was so freaked out i was certin my hand would go thru the wall that i quickly stopped and havnt tryed again…. The emotions are just too real

  2. About the Mandela effect does anyone else remember draco running back to hogwarts in the final battle of harry potter instead of walking away

  3. Rebecca Felgate, you are QUEEN of “top” lists!

    On the matter of electrons through a double slit: I think it’s a case of “Schrodinger’s Cat.” Until an electron is actually obverved in motion, it is both a wave and a particle. Ergo, it can behave both as a wave and a paricle, until the very instant that someone observes the electron, and whatever outcome they perceive, is the outcome of how the particle behaves under observation. If you expect the electron go through one slit, it will go through one slit. If you expect the electron go through two slits, it will go through two slits.

    If an electron can behave as both a wave and a particle simultaneously, it is not a stretch to understand that an electron can spin in two opposite directions at the same time. Kind of like a Möbius strip. It’s a one-sided surface with no boundaries. It’s flat. But when twisted, It looks like an infinite loop…. It’s both flat, and a loop at the same time.

    There’s a definite pattern in these things.

  4. Guys stop being pervs about Rebecca and the other hosts being but honest she is beautiful both her and her personality, yet it’s just disgusting she is a person not an object

  5. 11:52 I wonder if I can do that
    Holding my phone from the bottom and saying “bend bend” 🤔

  6. if you look up glitches in the matrix on here you’ll find a video that has a some clips and one of them is a car hitting an invisible wall in the middle of an intersection

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