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Top 10 Famous People Who Are Bad at Retiring
Going back on your word is never a good look. From Clint Eastwood to Cher to Daniel Day-Lewis, WatchMojo is counting down the famous people who have tried to retire multiple times, but always find their way back to the spotlight.

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#10. Clint Eastwood
#9. Garth Brooks
#8. Barbra Streisand
#7. Stephen King
#6. Brett Favre
#5. Daniel DayLewis
#4. Cher
#3, #2 & #1???

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  1. I mean if you can make more money having other people work for you, what is the point of retiring?

  2. If Basketball And Football player could Be on this list I think The undertaker should have a spot since He still wrestles since the 80s

  3. In Cher’s defense she has stated repeatedly that it was a farewell WORLD tour and that she never intended to stop doing smaller tours.

  4. Where the hell (see what I did there) is The UnderTaker he doesn’t need to be on one of these but just for Wrestlers he doesn’t know when to quit he could’ve died a against Goldberg

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