Top 10 Celebs Who Can Sing, Dance AND Act
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These celebrities can sing, dance and act; sometimes, all at the same time! Whether they are in Academy Award winning movies, topping the music charts, or wowing us with their dance moves, these celebrities have got it all wrapped up in a neat, talented package. Whether it’s a classic like Ginger Rogers, or more modern examples like Beyoncé, Jamie Foxx and John Travolta, the best triple threats/triple acts of all time were pit against each other to see who is the most multi-talented celebrity!

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00:41 #10: Beyoncé
01:45 #9: Catherine Zeta-Jones
03:02 #8: John Travolta
04:10 #7: Jamie Foxx
05:18 #6: Jennifer Lopez
06:23 #5: Hugh Jackman
07:32 #4: Gene Kelly
#3, #2 & #1: ????

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  1. You forgot Alexa Vega, Anthony Stewart Head, James Masters, Paul Survino I
    could make a whole other list and lady Gaga should be on this list as well

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