Top 10 Celebrities Who Have Dissed Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift haters exist among celebrities, not just the public! Taylor Swift has had beef with plenty of people in the past, including Kanye West, former boyfriends Calvin Harris and John Mayer, and even the lovable Michael J. Fox! It seems like the Bad Blood singer will never ever be getting back together with these people, as friends or lovers.

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00:35 #10. Miley Cyrus
01:49 #9. Michael J. Fox
02:51 #8. Chloë Grace Moretz
04:00 #7. John Mayer
05:23 #6. Calvin Harris
06:25 #5. Joe Jonas
07:39 #4. Tina Fey & Amy Poehler
08:41 #3, #2 & #1. ?????

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  1. Eh, at least she’s not getting DWI’s, getting in trouble with drugs, doing
    whatever Kim K is doing, or punching fans in the face

  2. Taylor: there is a special place in hell for women who don’t help each other

    Me: well that’s where you’re going

  3. I really like Taylor. I think she is in many ways a good person and artist
    who do good for the industry

  4. I hope Taylor Swift gets AIDS and gives it to her kids so those little
    cunts can die too and prevent her cuntedness from living on.

    And fucking give Elen AIDS too. Man bitch can die as well.

  5. lets see here…. the people that have dissed Taylor Swift=

    and ugly ghetto slut who couldn’t sing her way out of a paper bag
    an has been
    a guy no one gives 2 shits about
    a jealous cry baby ex boyfriend
    the most ignorant conceded dumb ass in the world
    the weirdest singer ever
    dont get started on Nicki Minaj……….

    and Kim Kardashion…… A WOMEN FAMOUS FOR NOTHING!!!!!!

    the funny part im not a fan of Taylor. but people are jealous of her
    because guess why?
    shes only singer thats not a has been or ghetto bitch. god these
    “celebrity’s” need to look at them self’s first. (im not saying anything
    bad about Taylor)

  6. Hey guys do you think I would get in trouble for making a Taylor Swift joke
    in a abridged or comedie skit ? will Taylor hunt me down just like she did
    with Amy and Tina ?

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