The explanations for these popular myths…. surprisingly make sense! For this list, we’ll be looking at some of the mythological beings and ideas that have simple reasons as to why people began believing in them. WatchMojo counts down the Top 10 Myths That Have Surprisingly Logical Origins.

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  1. First forms of vampirism is found in roman mythology, where they are birdlike creatudes that suck the blood from babies. Werewolfs are also found in ancient roman and greek texts, for example in the letters of alexander the great to name one of them (in those you can also already find descriptions of meremaids)

  2. This is the worst list in a long time,

    10: Unicorns. They’re origin is NOT exaggerated descriptions of animals during European exploration of Africa. Unicorns are mentioned in the bible which is thousands of years old.

    9) Gigantism, the medical condition, is named AFTER the mytholgy, not the other way around.

    8) I’m not going to bother watching the rest,

    • But, if you have a bit of knowledge of current science. You’ll know that the bible is bullshit and giants (besides the real cases of the people with gigantism) were never real.

  3. 0:59 – 1:05 …
    cringe. For. DAYS
    Also the tin foil hat for our tin foil hats community left the chat.

    Spare tin foil hat in hand

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