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Top 10 Biggest Sharks In The World You Won’t Believe
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Whenever I think about the ocean, I think about how large, carnivorous sharks with razor sharp teeth are lurking in the deep blue water. Did you guys know that there are 370 different kinds of sharks in the world and they all range in behaviours and sizes. But let’s get one thing straight. Although sharks look like scary monsters that are thirsty for some human blood, they rarely attack humans. But despite that fact, you won’t see my swimming with great white sharks anytime soon.

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  1. you want a 50 ft thought? Did it go extinct or did evolve with the oceans freezing and either become the Great White Shark or the Tiger shark?

    though if you ask me, the Bull Shark and the Black tipped reef shark would be more cause for alarm than the great white.

    MA10 enters fresh water river from salt water: Breathes with Relief ,” Im safe that shark now.
    Shark: Yeah who are you kidding, I’m a Bull shark we can go into fresh water
    MA10: screams like a little girl as it eats down on them
    Bull Shark: Top of the food chain huh??
    Great White : Lucky stiff
    Bull Shark: Grins wickedly

  2. Dude school is going pretty well I’m a sophomore and my favorite subject is math too only because it’s something I’m good it

  3. I’m going to start skipping the video as soon as you say, “is this real life?” You’re so repetitive.

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