Top 10 Scary Mysterious Glitches In The Matrix – Part 2
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Guys after I recorded part 1 in this series i had a glitch in the matrix moment myself a day later and I was like coincidence? I think not. I was walking away from my desk into the kitchen area at work to wash my hands cus for some reason i just always felt there was a sink on the marble-top near the microwave. But theres never been a sink there but i was so so sure i was literally going to wash my hands. And then i was like woah glitch moment and then people in the office were like wait theres no sink there? I thought there was too. So idk guys. You tell me. But either way, here are the Top 10 Scary Mysterious Glitches In The Matrix – Part 2.

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  1. Went down starting in 2015 for my life – dammit, how statistically likely is that you get your first seizure a month before going to your senior year of college? I’d love an answer to that question!

  2. Anyone who speaks French can really understand what just happened…She said she ‘couldn’t speak French’ but the actual words in French means that’s exact same thing 😂

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