Top 10 Biggest Gaming Controversies of The Year
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  1. I think if everyone just stopped complaning and stopped buying games for a while maybe then will the videogame industry understand people are fed up with their shit, especially EA

  2. People defending Pewdiepie for saying it need to stop. Pewdiepie didn’t defend himself! Because he knew he did wrong! He apologized because he knows why it was wrong of him to say it. If you don’t get it then you’re not fans, you’re idiots looking to Felix for an excuse to be racist. But Felix is not racist, and if you’re his fans, you shouldn’t be either.

    Felix apologized. That’s what matters. He’s a good guy who made a mistake. Stop defending that mistake. You’re not defending Felix by defending his mistakes. He said a racist thing, he knows it’s a racist thing to say, he apologized. Move on. I’m still a fan because he was mature enough to apologize and I think he’s a good person. Y’all need to remember to trust that he knows when he does wrong and to stop defending that wrong.

  3. But Isn’t PUBG a coyp-cat of Day-Z(Later became a standalone game) mod from Arma II, maybe I’m wrong, maybe it was Minecraft survival game or the film Hunger games series or Battle Royale film(Original) or something?

    But, they do sure the first to reach 10 million unit sold(Wiki.) and also that was kinda a dumb move to sue the people who made the game engine.

  4. Pete hines get over it we are comparing trump and his supports too nazis. they marketed the game that way so it would sell by controvisy not on how if the game is any good.

  5. Explain to me how fortnight is a copy of pub g it is a battel roal game sore but they are so different from one another

  6. PewDiePie having word vomit does not qualify as a gaming controversy. Sure, he’s a gamer and he did something people got offended by, but what does that actually have to do with video games?

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