The biggest game franchise still causes the biggest controversies. These are the times GTA cause a big ol’ dust-up with the mainstream media, social justice warriors, parents groups, feminists and or basically anyone else. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Grand Theft Auto Controversies!

00:36 #10. Lindsay Lohan Sues (and Fails Spectacularly)
01:23 #9. Daz Dillinger Tells Rockstar to Cease and Desist
02:13 #8. GTA Desensitizes Children to Killing
03:18 #7. New Hyde Park Crime Spree
04:02 #6. Full Frontal Male Nudity
04:43 #5. Journalists Deem “Grand Theft Auto V” Misogynistic
05:34 #4. The Infamous Torture Mission
06:28 #3, #2 & #1: ????

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  1. Play some of these games for yourself:
    Grand Theft Auto V – PlayStation 4
    Grand Theft Auto V – Xbox One
    Grand Theft Auto V – PC

  2. so people gets mad because video games are too violent . They even go to far as saying that video games makes us violent and yet people are okay for letting trump being President.

    • people even start shootings to different races just because they do it for trump. geez video games are ruining this generation.(well what about trump)

  3. I find it stupid when people say GTA is the worst thing children can play when the games aren’t even for that age range.

  4. Red Lake, MN linked to GTA. You know, it is possible that that kid used GTA as a means to strategize his method of madness. Playing the game could have caused him to become mentally unstable and desire to kill people. OR, and I’m really stretching things here: he grew up with a fucked up childhood during which his father committed suicide in a police standoff, his mother was brain damaged in a car accident, he was constantly moved around between schools and care, he was bullied and teased by his classmates, and he was placed on Prozac, a drug with numerous links to violence, with an increase in dosage within a week of the shooting. But sure, blame a video game because you can’t admit that life and society themselves are what fucked him up.

  5. Knew Hot Coffee was gonna be #1, but now that I think of it, it should be how they refuse to make a fucking multiplayer that works. It was a disaster when they started it and thank goodness they fixed it, but there are still tons of issues and trying to play with friends is annoying because there’s always some error or issue.
    And the free DLC is nice, except every great thing in the game requires an insane amount of money, and the game is so obviously designed to make people have to buy shark cards if they want the cool new stuff.

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