Welcome to Top10Archive! Oh boy, am I excited about this one! Top 10 Best YouTube Voices. Finally, my time to shine! I wonder where I’m at on this one. Probably not number 1, that’s too obvious. Maybe ten? Yeah, that makes sense! I mean, we should be a bit modest and probably should be honoring other YouTubers, too. So, without further ado, the Top 10 Best YouTube Voices!

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10. Mike Stoklasa
9. GentleWhispers ASMR
8. Flula
7. Undoomed
6. Brendaniel
5. JackSepticEye
4. Jon Bailey
3. VSauce1
2. Tay Zonday
1. Markiplier


Voice Over Talent:


  1. Lol, man i have finally seen you after a long time of watching all your videos, for my opinion, I believe that you got the best voice as a narrator, keep up the good work jim ?

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