YouTube is full of viral challenges that spread like wildfire across the internet, but how dangerous could they actually be? From the cinnamon challenge to chubby bunny… Alltime 10s brings you 10 YouTube Challenges That Could Kill You.

Music – Artificial Life by Jason Pedder, Jeff Dale and Ben Ziapour, Gaming by Dave James and Michael Craig, Android Choir by Philip Guyler

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  1. Never did any of that to old and boring I guess!! I did try holding my breath when I was little, if that counts

  2. sadly i tried the cinnamon challenge back in 2012 and nearly died from it. Couldn’t breathe at all and if i hadn’t vomited all over the place i probably would have died from asphyxiation

  3. My brother dared my sister to do the cinnamon challenge, and she did. he dared me, but i dont do peer pressure.
    like if u were also a boss at 8 years old

  4. I Did The Challange Where you Hold Your Breath Turns Out I Lasted 15.5 Or Somewhere Near It Before Gasping For Air I Guess That Means I Have Great Lung Capacity

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