Top 10 Things WAY More Expensive Than They Should Be

Here are lots of things that SHOULD cost less than they do: plane tickets, concert tickets, literally everything in a movie theater or airport is all too expensive. And in some cases, there are essential purchases we would like to pay less for, like health care or even lawyers. WatchMojo counts down ten products or services that cost more than they need to (probably).

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00:29 #10: Concert Tickets
01:10 #9: Furniture
01:58 #8: Everything in Movie Theaters
02:38 #7: Plane Tickets
03:23 #6: Lawyers
04:19 #5: Diamonds / Engagement Rings
05:07 #4: Health Care
05:49 #3, #2 & #1???

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  2. And still the profits are not noticed by those at the bottom of the chain of production… The rich get richer, the poor get poorer.

    And the business refuses to adapt in many cases, rather clinging to old outdated ways of doing things, such as the movie industry. I’d GLADLY pay a one-time fee to watch a new movie as it comes out AT HOME through streaming!! Sadly, the movie industry keeps holding on to this idea that movies need to come out to cinemas first, then physical copies… and they also stick with weird licensing which stops certain countries with tons of willing customers from accessing the offers on say Amazon and the likes.

  3. I go to metal concerts because they’re usually cheaper and I know they aren’t lip syncing and they write their own music.

  4. I think someone at Watchmojo has no idea where box office dollars go… Generally speaking 80-90% of the box office take goes to the studio for the first 2-4 weeks. After that the split gets better each following week for the theater… so that first two weeks theaters are seeing around 1-2 dollars per ticket… I don’t know about you but to pay a staff, rent, utilities, and other overhead you may need a stronger revenue stream. Movie snacks are not any more or less expensive than other venues (sporting events, monster trucks, circus, etc) in which you spend 2-3 hours spectating.

    that being said, I will always sneak in my milkduds… I do buy popcorn and bladderbuster sized sodas when going to the theaters.

    George Lucas insisted that 100% of the box office for Phantom Menace from theaters. At the time I worked for Loews Cineplex who didn’t carry the film in New York and Los Angeles but did in Chicago ( Lucas got 1 of the 3 largest markets for LCE who at the time had just merged Loews and Cineplex and had a majority share of screens in the three markets.)

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