Welcome to Top10Archive! It’s like a second home to a lot of us, but what do we really know about YouTube? We’re not talking about its history, but the little tips and tricks that hide within the coding of one of Google’s finest products. In this installment, we’re exploring the depths of YouTube for the top 10 of those little nuggets of fun and convenience.

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10. YouTube Easter Eggs
9. Honing Your Search Skills
8. Keyboard Shortcuts
7. YouTube Test Tube
6. Listen on Repeat
5. YouTube Video Quality Report
4. YouTube Regional Bypass
3. YouTube TV
2. Chronological Ordering
1. Easy GIFs


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  1. Creator-bro says “JIF,” but he’s an asshole so I say it GIF. The G stands
    for “graphics” after all.

  2. 9gag? Seriously? Dude. They steal content. Literally. They are a company
    that hires people to steal content, brand it, and rehost it on their site
    with an entry date BEFORE it’s original post. They’ve been caught thousands
    of times doing it. They’re literal cancer. That is ACTUALLY their business

  3. Now you see, kids, this is some fine ass quality, creative, funny, and good
    editing shit you dont see everyday. Good job ! (P.S. its gif not jif ;P)

  4. Yes I heard the end bit…but it is actually gif, with a g that sounds like
    the word it represents. Graphic. Gif. Makes sense, yes?

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