Welcome to Top10Archive! Though it’s not always evident, humans can be a protective species, especially when it comes to things we often consider “helpless.” When an animal is intentionally killed in a matter considered senseless or needless, the internet breaks down and the offenders are vilified, often meeting a massive and unexpected backlash. We’re taking a look at the strained relationship between Mother Nature and Man and that of Man and himself with these Top 10 Animal Killings That Sparked Outrage.

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10. Luciano Ponzetto’s Last Trophies
9. Topsy
8. Sabrina Corgatelli’s Hunt
7. Kendall Jones’ Big Game
6. Aryanna Gourdin’s African Prize
5. The Controversy of Melissa Bachman
4. The Hamilton Island Genocide
3. Marius
2. Cecil
1. Harambe

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  1. I say let’s toss all the scum of the Earth like prisoners who are doing life, corrupt politicians, animal hunters, etc… on some island so we can hunt them down for sport

  2. I really only have a problem with trophy hunting, where the animals sole purpose for dying is to show off and get mounted/stuffed. There’s no glory is shooting an animal who can either not see you, poses no threat, or cannot defend itself.

  3. Nobody cried out when Digit was killed, or is this too long ago? It did happen in 1978 so it’s practically stone age by now

  4. If you actually care about animals, you would be vegan. Animal agriculture and fashion are the most disgusting exploitative violent industries on the planet. They are responsible for species extinction, climate change, ocean dead zones, world hunger, drought, 14 of the 15 leading causes of death in humans, the list just goes on and on.

  5. At least they fed the giraffe to lions and didn’t just kill him for fun!

    People who kill just for fun should them self’s be killed,

    For fun!

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