Welcome to Top10Archive! Sometimes we feel like we’ve seen it all, that our eyes can fall on nothing stranger than what we’ve seen during our time on this planet. Then we happen upon a suggestion for this installment, the top 10 most shocking animal mutations and, through our research, find oddities of nature that prove that we’ve only scratched the service of what’s out there.

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10. Squitten
9. Albino Spotless Giraffe
8. The Footed Snake
7. Cyclops Kitten
6. The Three-Headed Frog
5. Cyclops Shark
4. The Winged Cat
3. Monkey Pig
2. The Octogoat
1. 96-Tentacled Octopus


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  1. CLICK BAIT! The animal on the thumbnail’s a kitten with cyclopia. It’s not a mutation it’s a failure to develoup.

  2. Your so close to one million subscribers! oh I can’t wait you deserve many more, but at least you will get your play button from YouTube! Maybe you could do top 10 YouTube play buttons in boxing!

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