Master Chief Vs Samus Aran!
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Who is the better character, who is the coolest, and who would win & come out on top in a fight: the bounty hunter Samus Aran, or the UNSC soldier, John-117, the Master Chief. Both have fought aliens – from the Space Pirates to the Covenant, but whose suit of power armor would hold in a battle between the two? Well, we’re about to find out, because is pitting Master Chief versus Samus Aran!

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  1. Can samus carry a covenant bomb through space and blow up another covenant
    ship with the bomb? i don’t think so

  2. Chief killed the entire race of Aliens. And those aliens we’re the flood.
    The all consuming beings that can destroy the entire galaxy and more. Even
    the universe. Chief should have won on the enemies part.

  3. I have played both franchises and I’m 100% convinced that Samus wins.
    She doesn’t need allies, she always takes everything by herself, I felt
    like the allies section was a free point for master chief, just to keep the
    score somewhat equal

  4. Ahhhh the lovely bias that’s always on these kinds of posts. People who
    love one character and know absolutely nothing about the other character
    yet insists their favorite would win.

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