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These are two Anime Series that many associate with one another. But between Light’s quest to become the God of the New World and Lelouch’s Rebellion as Zero, which of these two shows stands out the most? We’re looking at factors such as Story, Supporting Cast, Suspense, Animation, Powers/Abilities, and Protagonists to decide our favourite. Do You think its Madhouse’s Death Note or Sunrise’s Code Geass?

With the new Netflix Death Note movie coming up and Code Geass making its return with “Lelouch of the Resurrection”, what better time to see these two iconic anime franchise clash?

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  2. Code Geass wins purely because it didn’t fall off a cliff halfway through, it actually got a lot better. Oh, and it USED TO HAVE the perfect ending before they pulled the ‘LOL HE”S ACTUALLY ALIVE’ card and announced season three.

  3. Lelouch “died” like a hero for me, meanwhile Light died like a fucking coward insane

  4. code geass had too many plot holesn lelouch was annoying and the plot was made way too convoluted that it should have been, almost all the characters are hypocrites including lelouch, and the ending was rushed and came out of nowhere, the character alignments constantly changed, not to mention lelouch was protected by the “good” guys too often despite him killing millions. It was a mess and everywhere.

  5. Totally agree with all but the last, its just my preference of meches over a notebook.

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