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These genius anime characters have the master plan. From smart strategies to cunning betrayals – these guys have the whole thing mapped out. We’re looking at shows like The World God Only Knows, Jormungand, Prison School, The Legend of the Galactic Heroes, Assassination Classroom, Naruto Shippuden, Akagi, Bleach, Death Note, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Code Geass, and more to find the smartest anime intellectuals. Will favorites like Sosuke Aizen, Lelouch vi Britannia, and Light Yagami appear? Only one way to find out.

00:31 #10. Keima Katsuragi
01:18 #9. Koko Hekmatyar
01:59 #8. Gakuto
02:39 #7. Yang Wenli
03:15 #6. Gakuho Asano
03:58 #5. Madara Uchiha
04:44 #4. Shigeru Akagi
05:29 #3, #2, #1: ???

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  1. I do NOT agree with this list, you didn’t even add Johan from Monster in an honorable mention!!!!!

  2. this video bring me despair ,
    where is ultimate onee – chan enoshima junko from danganronpa ?

  3. where is junko from danganronpa she is literally a mastermind like boi what the heck watchmojo is dumb

  4. I think that Makishima Shogo from Psycho-pass deserves to be on this list, but this list for me is good at all

  5. shinobu sensui outsmarted God and jesus how the fudge did he not make the list. I mean do you guys have simething against yu yu hakuaho. Everytime you guys make a anime list in which one should make it they never do.

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