The Death of Sir Roger Moore – The CineFiles Ep. 22 // Subscribe: // Tune into WatchMojo Live on YouTube May 31 : WatchMojo Live Creative Forum 2 pm – 5 pm: : WatchMojo Live Party 6 pm- 9 pm: While a ton of exciting news came out of the movie biz this week, some sad stories unfortunately stole some of the spotlight as well. The good news? Universal is creating their own cinematic universe, but not with caped crusaders. It will be a monster universe, starting with Tom Cruise’s The Mummy! The universe will see monsters like the Invisible Man, Frankenstein’s monster and the Wolf Man collide. The sadder news includes Zack Snyder having to drop out of Justice League after the tragic death of his daughter, and the iconic Sir Roger Moore, famous for playing James Bond, passed away after fighting cancer. Join WatchMojo and The CineFiles as we count down the stories that made waves this week.

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  1. I did it with Moore behind a dumpster on the set of “Octopussy”. He was my secret lover.

  2. RIP Mr Moore you will be missed as one of the most underrated Bonds ever. But I still love your take as the spy.

  3. Sir Roger Moore made my childhood, he was and will always be my favorite actor… may you rest in peace.

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