One publisher, two teams of super-powered heroes. In this edition of Versus, we’re pitting the X-Men and the Avenger head to head to see which team is Marvel’s best. Which team do you think is the best Marvel Superhero group?

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  1. Not sure how this fits in but the X-Men comics about 20 years ago, when I last collected, would repeatedly beat you over the head about what it was to be a mutant and became annoying. After switching to Avengers the power creep of them having to do something almost every issue to save the universe got annoying too. I switched to West Coast Avengers enjoyed the rich stories that I felt at the time were consistently better than X-Men’s with a scale that didn’t seem too overpowered and unbelievable.

  2. Havent watched this and i know they’re giving it to avengers. X men all the way. Nvm i stand corrected.

  3. Thank GOD Disney is finally taking over the xmen franchise. Everytime I see mystique as the leader and no sign of the likes of rogue or gambit etc we see y xmen wasn’t remotely as successful as mcu

  4. people keep saying wolverine was in both but xmen is where he received his best characterization and became a truly popular character by the time he joined the avengers much much later he was an overexposed played out mary sue of a character….that they later killed off for a while only to bring back later

  5. Tbh inspite of the success of the mcu most people I know are familiar with xmen more so than the avengers

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