School is a place for realising you’re not as cool as your Elementary school self thought you were, scrawling rude graffiti on the underside of desks and, if you’re lucky learning what you need to know to progress in life. Well, the first two are possibly more true than the third. . .

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  1. I wish you’d included the “humans have five senses” BS. I know science teachers who still believe this crap.

  2. you know what you miss,schools grade you not by how much you know but if you turn in homework and trust me i failed english one for not turning in my homework and when i ask why not passed ones they know the material they gave me a 3 day suspention for arguing.

  3. More important things you shouldn’t be taught in school:

    1. The idea there are more than 2 genders.
    2. Anything about non-binary identification.
    3. Anything about gender-transitioning.
    4. Anything having to do with anyone’s sexual identification.

    We did so well without those 4 points of bullshit for so long, and not that certain societies are trying to force these ideas on the children look how fucked-up things have become.

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