Some people love him, others hate him, but President Trump is permanently making headlines across the world. But what would happen if he really were taken out of office? Here are 10 Things That Could Happen If Trump Were Impeached.

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  1. No a Civil War would not break out people would just b**** and moan eventually everybody would stop giving a f*** and just go back to normal

  2. He isn’t going to be impeached this is stupid. It’s over two years later now and you people are still talking about trying to impeach Trump for nothing.

  3. Fuck Trump where’s the wall Mexico gonna pay for ??? Oh u didn’t get ur way so u called for a government shutdown hurting thousands of Americans. There’s a video where he said mexico was gonna pay for the wall but they aren’t paying for the wall. Wtf does that even mean u little hand man

  4. i love how right wingers say liberals are the violent ones when they threaten to go to civil war and murder innocent people because their cult leader will be impeached.

  5. Divided we fall. All you fools are blinded by the left and the right. The fact that you have to choose a side shows how weak you all are. You would stand across from your brother with a gun pointed at each other for what? The rest of world didn’t forget they hate us, they are just laughing at us now as we self destruct. 🇺🇸

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