Top 10 Things That Will Happen When Donald Trump Dies
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Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing Channel on the internet. I am your Most Amazing Host Rebecca Felgate and I noticed that you guys loved our video about the top 10 things that would happen when the Queen of England dies, which of course is something nobody wants to happen soon, but of course she is getting older and it is interesting to know what plans are in place. As a result of the success of that video, we thought we would bring you a Top 10 on what would happen if and when Donald Trump dies. Of course, the chain of reaction would vary depending on whether or not he was in office when this happens, as has been the case for 8 other presidents in the past.
First off, let’s talk about a few things unrelated to this powerful man’s presidency…


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  1. If Trump was assassinated here are three things that will happen: 1) The Main Stream Media will try to act sorrowfully, yet containing their enthusiasm that the “N**i President” is dead, 2) the people on the far left will absolutely rejoice to no end while devising plan(s) to have Hilary or somebody else who literally pretends to care about the United States to be put into office, and 3) every county road to every interstate will be flooded with Pro-American’s trucks and cars who will definitely participate in the man hunt. However, there will be genocides amongst groups of different clans who want that all time multi-million dollar jack pot when the assassin is captured dead or alive.

  2. Idc if Trump is alive or not. I like Barack Obama better by a lot but if Theodore Roosevelt was still alive and was a president still right now he seems like a good president. Hopefully if he dies we will get a way better president. There is something for the whole U.S. that is happening that Trump did take control of. It is more school. Trump though if he dies does not give any infection if he lives or not. It’s not like I ever even met him and I’m his best friend. NO. I think trump is actually mean in real life.

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