Innocent until proven guilty, right? Well, with evidence this weird, you’ll have to be the judge of these cases. These are the 10 Unbelievable Pieces of Evidence That Put Criminals Away.

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  1. Do you use random interns or something? Every now and again you have a random new host/presenter that we never see again… it’s weird.

  2. i dont understand the law but how does 1 murder result in life sentence and a gang member already in prison found to have killed many more results in +20 years to his time?

  3. 200 year’s ago you killed someone nothing happend . 100 year’s ago you killed someone nothing happend if of curse noone show you . today well you done for xD

  4. I will need captions if theres another video with her as the narrator. She speaks so fast, especially with her accent.

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