With so much of the earth’s oceans being unmapped, there are certainly some strange things down there. . .

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    • Alltime10s you have told that it was 9000 years old but the reality is of 4000 years old of Indus valley civilization in gulf of khambat

    • The most amazing “fact” presented is that the US Army flew F-4 Phantoms. I always thought they were used by the Air Force, Navy and Marine aviators. Well, you’re the internet expert I guess.

    • You guys have covered cars and engines but how can you miss “Ram Sethu” a bridge between India and Sri Lanka…

  1. Genuinely can’t watch these videos when the narrators are shown. Distracts and puts me off completely

  2. Guy, I love your videos. I may be your biggest fan from Hungary. I just have one suggestion … could you please give measurement units in metric as well? At least as a number on the screen so the rest of us can relate? 😁😁

  3. So they believe a settlement broke off and floated or sunk into the ocean to ride the currents all the way to India. I think it’s easier to say the Harrapan civilization existed earlier than we thought. Damn, now we gotta spend all that money updating books again.

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