5 Creepy Beach Discoveries That Are Still Unexplained

1. With so many strange creatures washing up on our shores, it makes you wonder what secrets many of our countries could be hiding in regards to weird creatures and unauthorized experiments. Most people speculate that the government isn’t hiding anything from us. However, some creatures make us think otherwise. Take for example the crazy find located on Russia’s Sakhalin Island. The abnormal animal was found on the shores in 2006. Members of the military came across it and noticed how different it looked. Before anyone could notice, they disposed of the creature in a timely manner. Judging from the way the animal looks cut and butchered, it looks like something from an experiment. Not long after, stories were circulating about the discovery when people started to notice that it was slowly being suppressed. It makes one worry why their government hurried to get rid of such a strange and unusual thing.

2. The first glance at this creature tells you that things from your nightmares really can exist. The animal above is obviously deceased with its toned flesh and strange-looking bruises. It was discovered in 2008 when it washed ashore in Montauk, New York. Many people have speculated it to be anything from a strange raccoon to a mutated experiment that the government accidentally let out. There have been theories on this creature due to the fact that not long after it was discovered, the body disappeared, never to be heard of again. The body has yet to surface and no one ever truly released a statement or confirmation about what the creature really was. All we have to go on is the picture taken and experiences by people who have seen the creature in person. Speculation continues to this day. Maybe soon we will have a solid explanation, however the chances of the truth being revealed seem rather bleak.

3. In 1924, people were blown away when a mysterious blob appeared on the shores of Margate, South Africa. A strange blob doesn’t really sound like something to get upset over. The mass was of a strange substance. What was so strange is that the blob remained on the beach for ten days. No officials or scientists came to inspect the blob or even take photos to show that it existed. Today the only proof of its existence comes from this photo. Researchers and experts have no idea what the blob was or where it came from. Perhaps scientists at the time didn’t feel that the blob was important enough to be researched. Judging from the size of the strange mass, it’s possible it could have been a giant whale of some sort, washed up on land with a strange film. The man in the photo was never identified, making it even harder to find the source of the photo.

4. Try to picture walking along a beach in New York. You’re making your way down the sandy shores and suddenly you come across a strange looking burlap sack. Inside is the body of a woman who has been missing for quite some time. For a Suffolk County police officer, this was a terrible truth when he and his dog came across a sack. It held the remains of Melissa Barthelemy. Just 24 years old when she died, Melissa had been murdered by someone who would come to be known as the Long Island killer. The next few days, the police recovered three other bodies, all of them women. They were found in a marsh on Gilgo Beach in Long Island, New York. Eventually the victims were identified and everyone was hopeful that they wouldn’t find more bodies. However, over a span of four months, six more bodies were discovered. What makes the killings even worse was the fact that a toddler was found among the bodies as well. The killer is still being searched for.

5. Just last year, thousands of sea creatures washed up on the shores of Canada on the western coast of Nova Scotia. Sometimes this happens, but what was so strange is that at least 20,000 sea creatures washed ashore. The variety of creatures included lobsters, scallops, fish, starfish, crabs, and many other types. It was a massive sea graveyard that terrified the locals along with the scientists. To this day, no one is quite sure why it happened. Scientists entertained the possibility that seismic movement under the ocean floor could have caused an earthquake that released a pocket of poisonous gas, killing the animals on the beach. It certainly brings to mind what many people have been speculating involving the end of times. But for now, nothing absolutely globally devastating has occurred. Yet, with such a massive scale of dead creatures, it does make one wonder. How close are we to the end of times?