What would you confess to if you were on your deathbed? These people have some surprising stories… These are the 10 Strangest Deathbed Confessions…

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  1. SLOW THE HELL DOWN! I really want to hear what you are saying. The content of your videos are wonderful. But, you talk so fast AND on top of that you have a slight speech impediment that makes it seem like you are holding something in your mouth when you talk. At the beginning of this video you were speaking at a very good pace. Every word could be heard and understood. But, by the end of the video you were back to break neck speed and your words were garbled beyond recognition. Please, please slow down. Doing so will make your videos so much better.

    • What are you on about… if you can’t understand him your slow. You speak English correct?

  2. Why would he confess to a murder he didn’t commit in the one interview where he could purportedly be properly understood? ANd since when can you have years added to your sentence once the crime has been adjudicated?

  3. Feel like a lot of killing confessions are common lol you just used people who are famous. The only interesting one was the Roswell one

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