Top 10 Scary Convict Confessions Caught On Tape – Part 2
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Police officers are trained to use a variety of tactics in order to get someone to confess to a crime. They will isolate the suspect and place them in an interview, the officer will start out by saying that the suspect is guilty and then they will try to play ‘good cop’ by making the suspect feel good about confessing to a crime. So, because of this very effective technique, there are a ton of people who have willingly confessed to a crime and then there are innocent people who have been coerced into confessing to something that they didn’t do.

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  1. I’m from Toronto and that Elizabeth killing elderly dementia patients just made my stomach turn. It makes me sick that my taxes are keeping this sicko in jail. I followed the entire trial and the way she presented herself just showed how mentally deranged she was. I can watch these countdowns at night but urban legends? Nope!

  2. I honestly think everyone is capable of murder given the right circumstance like defending urself or ur child but I will never understand how some people kill with no motive or reason.

  3. Bored. Find. A hobby also people. Blaming movies is wrong. Because I have watched all those. Movies im not running around killing people those people had something wrong with them in the first place

  4. Wow those people were cold blooded ⁉️⁉️⁉️ I was bored so I decided to kill someone ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️ sick

  5. Lifeless man on yt:Is this real life right know?
    Me:Boi not for you cuase oh don’t even have a life.

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