Top 10 Scary Convict Confessions Caught On Tape
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Police officers have a variety of techniques that they use in order to get people to tell the truth or to confess to a crime. The interrogation process can last for hours until the investigators have enough to issue a warrant for your arrest. This can be dangerous because the longer you hold someone for questioning, the judge might rule it as a coerced confession which means the confession could be thrown out. However, the confessions you are about to see are very real and frightening. So, let’s take a look at the top 10 scary convict confessions caught on tape.

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  1. I insanely hate number 4 because he killed a cat, and I insanely hate any type of animal dying even cockroaches… yes I know…..

  2. apparently if you can harm or kill an animal or a creature as a child you can grow up to be a serial killer

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