With great comics come great inspiration. For this list, in celebration of the release of Spider-Man Far From Home, we’re looking at Spider-Man/Peter Parker’s most iconic movie moments taken directly from the comic page.

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  1. The whole point of a comic book movie adaptation is to adapt scenes from the comics. Why would filmmakers want to take scenes from the comics? Fans would go berserk because they weren’t faithful to the original source.

  2. I wonder who can make a completely original movie without any resource material *cough cough DC

  3. Homecoming does not deserve to be at the first spot. Spider-Man refusing to stop the burglar should be. That was an actual moment ripped right out of a page, with context and impact. The scene from Homecoming is only a moment referencing the comics, but it doesn’t have the same buildup and resolution as the comic book story does. The comic book story wasn’t just about SP being trapped under the heavy chunks and drowning in water (which Homecoming did not show, btw). The point was about him finding strength in himself to rise above because Aunt May was dying at the moment and only Spidey could save her. Homecoming had only a visual reference. Even Sam Raimi was conscious enough to not do that moment, because he felt he haven’t earned it yet.

  4. OnlyThumbs down ive ever gave your videos just becauses you cant ripoff your own material it should be based on them if im not mistaken

  5. Ripped off???? The point of the movies is to convert the comics onto a screen???? That’s technically not ripping them off????

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