To celebrate the release of Spider-Man Far From Home, we’re taking a look back at Spider-Man history from his debut in Amazing Fantasy #15 to his modern day comic book adventures.

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  1. Spider-Man: Far from Home (2019-fuII-fiIm) is finally here:

     Сиз акыркы тасмаларды жана

  2. I bet Tom Holland is watching this going “wow dude Jacob look their talking about me”🕷🕸🕷

  3. Who knew getting bitten by a Radioactive spider 🕷 could give you super strength and other super *spider* related powers for the rest of your life without turning you into one hairy 8 legged carnivorous freak

    You stay hairless and get muscular like some greek god
    Stupid story 😒

    Let me got get scratched by some radioactive mosquito
    Maybe I’ll stay human looking but with the power to suck blood 😐

  4. in fact if Peter Parker has Peter Parker qhwde shut down the Osborne company eht woud be the most heroic fhin deht Spiderman whd have ever dhun

  5. They should do a story where Peter has a child and has to teach him/her how to use the spider powers.

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