Who’d have thought that some of the most iconic lines of ALL TIME, were totally improvised! These are 10 Movie Moments That You Didn’t Know Were Improvised…

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  1. Nice. You copied other channels. And you did it so far after them a lot dont know. Unfollowing.

    This channel can go fuck itself.

  2. The Joker hospital scene is a scene that has mistakenly marked as improvised. Nolan has said so himself that it wasn’t improvised. There’s also evidence from storyboards made before the scene was filmed that include the Joker’s reaction to the explosion.

  3. Spielberg does everything he can to ruin the Star Wars franchise. Glad Ford had the wherewithal to say “No” to him.

  4. You should have played each scene from the movie like the first clip. It’s nice to actually see it take place in the movie then you just talking about it. Overall a good video though

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