He lurks in the shadows, stalking you at your weakest. From the darkest corners of your comfortable abode he watches, waiting for you to slip into dreamland. No matter what part of the world you’re from, there’s a version of the traditional Bogeyman lingering and waiting to strike. See which you need to fear with these top ten scariest versions…

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10. Namahage
9. Bonhomme Sept-Heures
8. Boggart
7. Small Man
6. Bubak
5. Bolman
4. Pugot Mamu
3. Oude Rode Ogen
2. El Coco
1. Torbalan

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  1. No wonder there are so many bed wetters in the world!! Parents telling their kids that they will die if they get out of bed at night!! 😂 😂😂

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