Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive! What do you fear most about death? Are you worried you’ll be met with an endless abyss or that your soul will be sent to an infernal pit of torment and punishment? People from all throughout time have feared being damned to an eternity in hell, but what they were fearing depends on the belief system they followed. Let’s take a dive into the afterlife for a better understanding on the top ten versions of Hell!

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10. O le nu’u-o-nonoa
9. Jahannam
8. Uffern
7. Tartarus
6. Xibalba
5. Diyu
4. Naraka
3. Peklo
2. The Egyptian Hell
1. Christian Hell

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  1. Could you do top 10 heavens. What about top 10 mythological heroes to make it interesting do one from each culture.

  2. Hi Jim Rhonda here I really enjoy your videos and your voice you should really do stories you would definitely have a lot of subscribers I would be one think about it keep up the good work.???✌

  3. also people who dont obey the gospel will go to hell with the unbeibers obeience christians will go to heaven

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