Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive! People all throughout time have lived their lives with the intention of being granted access to some grand utopia or paradise beyond the stars. Heaven has taken on various forms across the many mythologies of the world, some more fantastical or mystical than others. We’re looking beyond the mortal plane in this Archive to discover and contemplate the top ten mythical versions of heaven.

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10. Gan Eden
9. Valhalla
8. Vaikuntha
7. Jannah
6. The Otherworld
5. Nirvana
4. The 13 Heavens
3. Sekhet-Aaru
2. Elysium
1. Paradise

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    • Well I have hopes. My Mommy, whom I love with all my heart, passed Friday. But honestly? Maybe reincarnation, probably nothing. She believed in Heaven. More I wish than I believe in this though. She so deserved it.

    • Top 10 Archive hopefully something great, i totally believe in peace and love, but this world has totally blocked my vision of it on many different occasions, but i hope at the end of the road i come in contact with a world of eternal blessings and love,

    • Top 10 Archive jim, plz listen. I love u and l love your channel. I have been subscribed for years, and normally watch your entire videos upo n upload. Plz, take my criticism as constructive as possible, but stop putting your face in your videos. I dont know why it bothers me so much. Its not like you are an ugly man or anything like that. Maybe it just takes some of the mystery out of your amazing speaking voice. Idk, just don’t take this negatively. I’m a big fan, and only want the best for this channel…

  1. I prefer American Dad’s depiction of Heaven in the episode Raptures Delights. A giant palace with endless halls of doors each leading to a pocket dimension designed to be paradise for one person.
    Or maybe the depiction of Heaven in Supernatural, where it’s like Disneyland. And each section is your own land.
    Hey, maybe you should do a top ten list on the depictions of Heaven in popular media.

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