Get ready to question all of your movie beliefs! If you’re a fan of Toy Story, Indiana Jones, or basically any superhero movie, you are in for a disappointing ride, as we tell you that all of your favourite characters are stolen!
These are 10 Iconic Characters Who Were Actually Rip-Offs!

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  1. Wall-E being from Short Circuit is bullshit – there’s barely a enough justification shown. May as well say Short Circuit was inspired by Cameron’s Tanker vehicle from Terminetor1

  2. Batman may of ripped off Zoro but Marvel basically took Batman and made Iron man and more. They even ripped off Superman multiple times.

  3. Anyways, being influenced by and ripping off are two different things. Zorro is an influence on Batman, Lion King was a direct ripoff and same for Indiana Jones sadly.

  4. Mentions Wolverine but says nothing about Deadpool. Not even like a similar to Deapool comment or something Surprising. And to be honest. Many of DC and Marvel’s characters are the same. At least the older ones.

  5. The real rip off in Batman was Bob Kane stealing the credit for something he had very little creative input in. The real credit belongs to Bill Finger and Jerry Robertson. Bill came up with the main custume design the alter ego “Bruce Wayne” the Batmobile, Bathound, etc. Jerry and Bill together created Robin and the Joker. Bob Kane should have shared credit but he didn’t.

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