These cult movies entertained us even as they missed the mark. Actually, BECAUSE they missed the mark! Our list of funniest so-good-they’re-bad movies includes cult classics like “Samurai Cop” (1991) and “Death Bed: The Bed That Eats” (1977), as well as bloated Hollywood blockbusters like “Batman & Robin” (1997). What’s YOUR favorite movie so-bad-it’s-good? Let us know in the comments!

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List rank and entries:
10) “Death Bed The Bed That Eats” (1977)
9. “Batman & Robin” (1997)
8. “Cool as Ice” (1991)
7. “Leprechaun Back tha Hood” (2003)
6. “Mac and Me” (1988)
5. “The Happening” (2008)
4. “Samurai Cop” (1991)
3, 2 & 1: ?

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  1. The Happening is actually a pretty clever and good movie… the acting faded. The soldiers comment is believable as it’s actually related to how marines treat their rifle… this channel lacks so much context. Wicker man has a lot of cheesy Nicholas cage moments… not much for a rewatch but it’s actually a good story.

  2. Id like to add an honorable mention of Crawl to the list.

    Dont get me wrong, I love this film, but only cause of how absurd it is. Its hilarious! Especially if you HAVE been in a cat. 5 hurricane and know about alligators. (Some spoilers below)

    Firstly, there is no lightning and thunder in a hurricane. Second… those are cat. 5 winds of 75 to upward of about 100+ mph, and the characters can just stand there and chat and helicopters flying around??? And hello, people in a small motor boat stealing a goddamn ATM machine during the hurricane??? Sure! Why not? Also the main character is bitten on the leg and shaken by a huge gator, grabbed on the arm, and shoulder and death rolled and she gets up like its nothing and is fine. No hunny your leg is mangled and your arm broken and you probably drowned in that death roll while sucking in too much water for about a minute or two. Also when stabbed a gator lets out a low elephant moan. And lets not forget that at one point during the film the “hurricane siren” (which florida doesn’t have) is literally the start of the purge siren. And it all ends with “See ya layer alligator” over the end credits.

    Just go see this movie… especially if you have been in a hurricane. You’ll laugh at how stupid it is. There are way more mistakes I didnt even mention.

  3. i watched this yt movie now, where the heck is: hard ticket to hawaii!? they literaly have a gunner on a skateboard with a blowup doll where the guy and the blowup doll gets exploded by a 4rocket bazooka

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