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Top 10 Signs You’re a Real Star Wars Fan
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Whether you’re a member of the 501st, the Rebel Legion, or just a plain old superfan, Star Wars is your life. From your knowledge of the expanded universe, to fan edits, to correcting people on misquoting lines, Star Wars isn’t just a movie for you: it’s a way of life. WatchMojo counts down ten signs you’re a real Star Wars fan.

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#10: You’re Knowledgeable About the Expanded Universe
#9: You Were Upset When Disney Axed the Original Expanded Universe
#8: You’ve Made Your Own Fan Edits
#7: You Correct People on Misquoted Lines
#5: You Own Toys and Paraphernalia
#4: You Prefer the Old Special Effects
#3, #2 & #1???

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  1. A real star wars fan wouldn’t have called him Admiral Thrawn, he would have called him Grand Admiral Thrawn…

  2. bwahahaha! Disney’s new Star Wars universe has been solid so far? that’s hilarious. okay, saying something like that is proof you are a real Star Wars fan, but nothing else. lmao. xD

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